50 Great Date Conversation Starters

1. What was your best job?
2. What were your worst jobs?
3. Tell me all the places you worked
4. Tell me about your best friend
5. Tell me about your family
6. Tell me about your relatives
7. What was your first car?
8. Favorite movie star?
9. Favorite entertainer?
10. Favorite song?

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Ever been on a mega date? Wondering what in the world is a mega date? Probably best described as more fun than two people should be allowed to have in one day. A mega date is an all day date taking in all the typical dating activities.

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How To Get An Ex Back And Stop A Break Up Before The Situation Becomes Worse

Is it possible to get an ex back? What if my ex is ignoring me totally and doesnt even answer my phone calls or reply my text messages? Should I just give up and move on since it seems impossible to get my ex back anyway?

Well, in most situations, it is very possible to get your ex back even though you think you are trapped in the worst situation. There have been many examples of couples in impossible situation but they still manage to get their ex back. Perhaps, the very first thing you will want to do is to prevent your relationship from deteriorating.

So, how can you achieve that? First, you must find out what are some of the common mistakes made by many people so that you will not make the same mistakes. Making these mistakes can potentially make your situation worse.

However, I believe you might have already made some of those mistakes by the time you are reading this article. Most of these mistakes are usually made when people just broke up.

If you are in this situation, fret not. There are still step that you can take to reverse your situation. What you need to focus on now is to stop doing those things.

So, what are those common mistakes?

They include nut are not limited to:

1)Drunk dialing

Getting yourself drunk and doing something that you will usually not do if you had been sober. For example, you may start to call your ex when you are drunk and say things that shouldnt be said.

2)Stalking your ex

You may be trying to find out whether your ex is dating another person. Stalking comes in many forms. You may try to guess where he/she will be going and you purposely go there to bump into him/her.

3)Calling your ex too often

In a final attempt to get your ex back, you decided to call him/her. Somehow, your ex may not answer your call and so you keep on calling, sometimes to the extent of several times per hours.

Those are just some of the many common mistakes that are made by many people.

In fact, there are many more that couldnt be mentioned in this article alone.

By being aware of them, you will be able to prevent yourself from making them so that you dont make it harder for yourself to get your ex back.


About the Author (text)Most relationships can be saved no matter how bad the situation is.

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