50 Great Date Conversation Starters

1. What was your best job?
2. What were your worst jobs?
3. Tell me all the places you worked
4. Tell me about your best friend
5. Tell me about your family
6. Tell me about your relatives
7. What was your first car?
8. Favorite movie star?
9. Favorite entertainer?
10. Favorite song?

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Ever been on a mega date? Wondering what in the world is a mega date? Probably best described as more fun than two people should be allowed to have in one day. A mega date is an all day date taking in all the typical dating activities.

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To Get Your Ex Back Be Strong And Willing To Change

If you are determined to get your ex back you will first need to make slow and careful contact with him or her. When the time is right, be sure it's not too soon, you will have to have a face-to-face talk with your ex where you will raise the subject of getting back together. It is crucial that you handle this meeting right if you are going to regain your partner. Before this critical meeting it's important that you get your act together. You have to do some soul searching. Consider the reasons for the break up.

Be as unemotional as you possible. Get out pen and paper and make a list of all the reasons for the break up. Don't spare yourself. Look at the part you played and then decide what you are willing to change. You need to know where you will compromise and, perhaps more importantly, where you will not.

Be realistic. Don't tell yourself that you will change some facet of your life or personality that you know in heart you cannot or will not change. Now you need to be good to yourself and allow all this introspection to give you confidence. You know, that like everyone else on the face of the planet, that you have faults. You know what you are willing and able to change about yourself and what aspects of your personality are simply immutable. Allow this self knowledge to give you strength and confidence.

On the day of the meeting you have arranged with your ex give yourself plenty of time. Don't plan anything else for the day and take the day off work if necessary. You want to look your best and feed your self with plenty of positive self-talk. You want to walk into the meeting feeling good about yourself and knowing that getting your ex back is the right thing for both of you. Once you and your ex are talking don't dive straight into trying to convince him or her to try again. Keep the conversation light.

Talk about normal everyday things and let the conversation move as naturally as possible to the discussion of reunion. Don't rush. When you judge the time to right just tell your ex you realize that certain aspects of your life or personality were in large part responsible for the break up. Don't offer to change in order to get him or her back. Instead make to clear that you are already making changes for your own good and that you feel these changes make it possible to for the two of you to renew your relationship.

This is very important. You need to be strong and confident, not grasping and needy. Looking critically at yourself can be difficult. But if you can do it and emerge from this self-examination with renewed confidence in yourself and your ability to make needed changes you will certainly multiply your chances of getting your ex back into your life and you will become a better person as well.

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